Palermo Travertine Brushed Floor tile

  • Palermo Travertine Brushed Floor tile
  • Palermo Travertine Brushed Floor tile
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Price: £35.91 per m2

Sedimentary Travertine floor tiles characterised by a medium cream to walnut colour on a brushed and unfilled surface and chipped edge.

£35.91 Inc VAT.

This is a 4 size Opus pattern designed to enhance the antique effort of the tile. Click on the Patterns tab for a visual of the Opus design.

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Origin: Turkey


Suitable for:

  • All internal domestic applications
  • External applications
  • All internal light commercial applications

Not suitable for:

  • Heavy commercial applications

Other Information

To facilitate a finished floor the Palermo should be slurry grouted to fill the characteristic surface holes. Periodic maintenance of all travertine tiles is to be expected; this includes the possibility of refilling any cavities that may become apparent. If fixing externally, a sand/cement bed is not sufficient and the tiles must be fixed using tile adhesive on a concrete slab.

Recommended Fixative

Walls - Norcros One Part Flexible White
Floors - Norcros Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain White

Recommended adhesives are given as a guide only. Different substrates may require a different fixing method. For a bespoke specification contact the Sales Office with full details of your substrate or refer to BS5385 for further information.

Anti-Stain Protection

Colour intensified finish - Lithofin Colour Intensifier followed by Lithofin Stainstop
Natural finish - Lithofin Stainstop
Visit Lithofin Website for more information. 


Vacuuming to remove dust and dry dirt.
For more extensive cleaning use the following products:
Regular cleaning - Lithofin Easy Care
Intensive Cleaning - Lithofin Wexa
Visit Lithofin Website for more information. 


Pattern x thickness Coverage (m²)† £/m²
4 Size Opus x 12 (C) 0.745 35.91

(C)= Chipped Edge.
Please Click Pattern Name for an example of the Pattern.
Patterns are only sold in full formats.
†Approximate measurements.
All prices are inclusive of 20%VAT.

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